Gareth Morgan asks Kiwis to decide how he should spend his superannuation

Economist Gareth Morgan says superannuation should be means-tested but while it's not he's letting Kiwis decide how he ...


Economist Gareth Morgan says superannuation should be means-tested but while it’s not he’s letting Kiwis decide how he should spend his.

High-profile economist and entrepreneur Gareth Morgan is about to get $20,000 of taxpayers’ money, but he doesn’t want it.

The former leader of The Opportunities Party (TOP) turned 65 on Wednesday and wants Kiwis to decide what to do with the superannuation allowance he’s now entitled to.

Morgan has set up a poll asking whether he should use his pension to buy a new motorcycle every year or two, give it to charity, let the government keep it or some other option.

TOP campaigned in the lead-up to last year’s election to means-test New Zealand superannuation.

The money saved would be redirected to a ‘Thriving Families’ policy, which gives all families with children under three $10,000 per year.

Morgan says he’s reached that “golden age when all the benefits drop from the sky into my lap”.

“I actually don’t need anything but from today I joined that generation with their hands out, those wide mouthed frogs who will take everything you give us.

“There’s not just New Zealand super – I also get Winston (Peters’) gold card, which is really gold plated,” he said in a video being promoted on the TOP website.

“I think I’ll use that to take the ferry to Waiheke where I’ll get to buy a mansion or maybe I’ll just go across town and watch all the young mums and dads with their kiddies having to pay full fare while I get across for nothing.”

Morgan said he also gets an energy discount now he’s 65-years-old.

“Why is it that I get that when there are so many people who can’t even afford their own housing, you know to rent, let alone to buy.”

Morgan says superannuation isn’t affordable in New Zealand and with an “ageing population and modern medicine keeping us alive longer, it’s only going to get worse”.

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